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Real Estate 101

Real estate and investing are both complex subjects. We are providing a few key principles that are important for our clients to understand - since they are cornerstones for our value creation approach.

We believe transparency is important to strong relationships, and an important aspect of this is ensuring that our clients understand the underlying principles that our great solutions are built upon. We will continue to provide insights from our deep experience over time, which will be available here.


FULCRUS creates investment leverage without risk. Real Estate has created more long term wealth than any other asset class. FULCRUS combines a building lease plus investment equity, delivering exceptional returns. No other investment product can provide a beautiful home for your practice, high returns and extremely low risk.
Lets go!


The cashflow from your professional practice is subject to the highest form of tax, not fun. Investing in real estate can provide deductions that can protect your income consistently. We work with your accounting and investment advisors to ensure every possible tax advantage is leveraged.
Now that IS fun!


Direct investment in commercial real estate assets is unique among investment types as it allows for depreciation of the asset while it simultaneously grows in value over time, creating even more leverage from the original equity.
Wow that's smart!


Other investment classes have risk that is largely out of your hope it works! A FULCRUS building gives you complete control over annual yield, timing, and return on equity because your building lease and the FULCRUS method determines the results.
Hope is not required here!


Investment and occupancy in your home provides something no other investment does, both enjoyment and increasing value over time. Now you can have the same results in your business with the additional peace of mind that FULCRUS will provide professional management of your investment.
No cleaning gutters for you!


When your professional practice is valued along with the future value of your FULCRUS building, the total value will be higher than the practice alone.

You now have choices on how you divest of the practice and how you exit your real estate investment. A well engineered retirement plan is where the real benefit of FULCRUS is obvious. FULCRUS builds wealth.
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