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The Challenge

How can a professional create leverage to build more wealth beyond their practice?

You’ve worked hard to build your practice. Strong cash flow is great, but it comes with high taxes and low leverage. As an independent professional in healthcare, finance, law or accounting, you’ve invested significantly in your education, practice and career. 

You’re a trusted expert providing critical service, but your earnings are limited by the number of people you see and the hours in the day.

This is why we are here.

We are real estate experts who help you create leverage in one of the most stable asset classes available.

Assess your
financial goals


We want to understand your personal and family goals.


Create your investment strategy

We engineer a solution to leverage your unique business and align with your goals.


Develop your real estate requirements

Our integrated real estate and analytics platform lays out simple choices. You see results as you make decisions.


Next steps

FULCRUS approach

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