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the professionals challenge

how can a professional build equity in their practice beyond a basic EBITDA valuation? 

strong cashflow from hard work is great - but it comes with high tax and low leverage

flat value

licensed, independant professional healthcare providers, accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects etc all invest significantly into their education, practice and career.


as trusted experts - professionals provide a critical service in society but earnings are limited to a ratio of available clients x hours x billable rate.


high expenses

after staff - the second highest cost to practice is rent, improvements, furnishings and equipment; 


traditional real estate developers do not offer small scale, ready to occupy, high-performance premises in local neighborhoods wrapped in an investment solution engineered for professionals


that's why we are here

we enable professionals to safely invest in their own world class building in their local neighborhood. 


we provide a complete financial solution so you can safely invest into a Fulcrus building.


we engineer the investment and lease strategy based on your professional income and personal goals.

Colleagues Working in Office


commercial real estate is wildly complex, risky and expensive with devlopers, brokers, landlords, consultants, contractors and suppliers all looking after their own interests. 

we make it easy - even fun, a Fulcrus building package includes the land, building, technology, interiors, furniture and equipment

Wooden Door to Office Building

our approach

we want to understand your goals: 
investment, professional, personal, brand, client, community, wellness, lifestyle - we want to make sure our solution can exceed your goals

assess your goals

investing in commercial real estate is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.
gaining control over your occupancy, lease, cashflow, ROI and divestiture strategy is smart for your business and your family.

create your investment strategy

our integrated real estate and analytics platform gives you a simple set of choices.

you see results as you make decisions - complex becomes easy.


develop your real estate requirements

FULCRUS deliverables

Client 8

investment and corporate strategy

we work with your investment and accounting advisors to ensure the Fulcrus equity investment is balanced with your overall investment portfolio and the regular cashflow of your business

Client 2

project design and delivery

we will delight your clients, engage your staff, improve your community presence and give you real pride in your practice everyday.

Client 3

building and investment management

we will manage the property for you and ensure the investment is constantly reviewed for financial performance

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